Beaches Cape Town

It’s no surprise that one of Cape Town’s most revered features is her beaches. Typically rated amongst the best in the world, with many sporting Blue Flag credentials, Cape Town beaches range from the small, crowded and fashionable to the vast and isolated. These are just a few beaches to add to your itinerary when next in .


Technically four different beaches, but because they’re all within easy walking distance, we’ll cheat and lump them all together. Everybody knows Clifton 4th. Which is why alongside Camps Bay, it’s one of the most congested during summer months. But for good reason. It’s typically one of the most sheltered Atlantic Seaboard beaches during the windy summer months, and with breathtaking views of Lion’s Head, Table Mountain and more than a few dozen bronzed beauties, it’s no surprise why. Locals and tourists alike flock to Clifton 4th any time there’s even a hint of sunshine, so make sure you get there early or be prepared to fight for some towel real estate. It’s also important not to forget Cliftons 1st to 3rd though. Slightly out of the way, and at the bottom of varying numbers of impressively steep stairs, they often offer respite from its bustling neighbour. Each one offers its own little surprises, and are well worth checking out.