Stellenbosch, or Stellies as many locals call it, has a palpable sense of history and culture. Located in the heart of the famous Cape Winelands, and the second-oldest Cape settlement after Cape Town, this is hardly surprising. The small city streets are lined with a number of beautiful oak trees, many of them over 250 years old, giving rise to its nickname as the ‘City of Oaks'. Many of these now grand oaks were planted to supply wood for the burgeoning wine industry, and as such they play a significant role in Stellenbscoh's history. Stellenbosch is also known for the highly regarded Stellenbosch Univeristy, which is home to a range of local and international students, many of which show a larger than normal appreciation for two of the country's favourite pastimes - wine and rugby.


Today there are comfortable more than a hundred wine cellars all within a 25 kilometre radius of the city, ranging from large, commercial wine farms to smaller boutique Stellenbosch estates. Most of these beautiful properties lay at the foothills of the jagged cliffs above, stretching across spectacular valleys, and each offer visitors a unique, serene, and often personalised wine tasting and winelands dining experience.

Stellenbosch proper offers both modern and traditional shops as well as arts and crafts that are mostly situated between Merriman Avenue, Bird and Dorp Street. Around Stellenbosch (and along its wine routes) you can find many charming country shops and farm stalls that sell traditional South African preserves and offer other great family activities such as horse riding and strawberry picking.

Whether you're into wine, food, or just want to get another taste of South African culture, Stellenbosch is a must-do when in the Western Cape. Visit for the day or spend the weekend - there's enough in Stellenbosch and its surrounds to keep you busy for many hours!