Arniston is an old fishing village where the local people still earn their living from the sea. The white sandy beaches, unspoilt sand dunes and the intriguing Waenhuiskrans cave are some of the treasures it offers.  Waenhuiskrans was so named as the cave was said to be so large that a wagon and span of oxen could turn full circle within it!

Arniston is only a two-hour drive from and during June to November one is able to view whales off the shore of this beautiful little village. The name Arniston comes from the HMS Arniston which wrecked off the coast in 1815. The small fishing community of Kassiesbaai can be found on the edge of Arniston and the entire group of thatched, sandstone fisherman’s cottages has been declared a National Monument. Interestingly, in order to live here, you would have had to been born in the community.

The neigbouring town of Agulhas is also worth a visit as it is the official point where the cold Benguela current of the Atlantic Ocean and the strong Agulhas current of the Indian Ocean meet.